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Montana Retreat – Experience Recovery & Personal Growth

This summer I am helping Paul from the Recovery Elevator host a really cool event I am part of this summer.

It’s called Camp Recovery Elevator, and over the course of 4 days, we will share and intimately explore the tools, insights and inner work required to be successful in a life of long-term sobriety.

Guests will be encouraged to share personal experiences and explore different recovery approaches.

This life-changing retreat will be right here in beautiful Bozeman, Montana August 24-27.

Don’t worry, they’ll also be plenty of time during your visit to enjoy the great stuff we have here in Montana like hiking and star-filled skies, along with the powerful workshops filled with fun, learning, laughter and quite possibly, tears.

Head on over to Recovery Elevator to register. Save $50 with the coupon code: bombproof

If you have any questions, shoot me an email:

I hope to see you there, it’s going to be awesome!

  • Connect with other like-minded individuals
  • Learn tools to be successful in sobriety
  • Explore different recovery approaches in a hands-on environment

Hey there, I’m James Healy, welcome to BOMBPROOF RECOVERY!

The entire purpose of the Bombproof Recovery website, podcast, blog, webinar and more is to help you turn your recovery challenges and failures into successes and freedom from your addiction.

By creating a solid Recovery Map to follow, you will be guided to the life you desire. If you endure and stay on this path, you cannot help but succeed.

Yes, you may get a little “off trail” at times, but I’m here to help you get back on track, moving forward, and staying on your path with a sturdy Recovery Anchor.

I am a person in long-term recovery and have been able to find a path to a life in sobriety. A life that is fulfilling and vibrant.

I am a Nationally Certified Addictions Recovery Coach and Interventionist. And I host the BOMBPROOF RECOVERY RADIO podcast.

As a former teacher and mountain guide, I feel compelled to help you draw a map to follow your path as well. Sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have gained to help you find your way to the life you truly desire.

The life you truly deserve.

Much of what I know has been attained from the “School of Hard Knocks.” As I often told my students, “Good judgment comes from experience and good experience come from bad judgment.”

There is nothing wrong with falling down. You just have to learn, get back up and keep moving forward.

You will be bruised, dirty, and hurt…but not down for the count.

Much of the rest comes from others more wise and astute than myself, which is why I love interviewing the fascinating and inspiring addiction recovery experts for my podcast, folks often also in long-term recovery.

Learn more about me here…

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A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but its persistence.


“I am unbreakable. I am sober. I am BOMBPROOF!”