Ep 022: Dr. Anette Edens – From Monsters to Miracles, Solutions for Families Dealing with Substance Abuse

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Are you a parent? If so and your child has not begun to experiment with drugs or alcohol, it is most likely just a matter of time.

And then…

What do you do if your child falls into the trenches of destructive decisions?

This question has lead to many sleepless nights for parents everywhere.

My guest today, Dr. Anette Edens, left the world of finance to retrain as a psychologist when it became clear that her interests were more about people than investments.

She joined the faculty of a small private university, where her research increasingly spotlighted the inadequacy of traditional treatment models to address the growing crisis of adolescent substance abuse.

After the death of her youngest daughter, she dedicated herself to saving adolescent lives. This became her calling.

She joined a group of passionate parents and advisers to develop and open a sober high school which has since grown into an exemplary model for recovery schools around the country.

In her new book “From Monsters to Miracles,” Dr. Edens offers solutions for families dealing with adolescent substance abuse. By guiding parents through conflicting parenting styles and encouraging self-examination in the process, she offers solutions toward effective and loving parenting.

Even if your teen is not ready or willing to change, there is help and hope.

Website: http://www.anetteedens.com

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