Ep 023: James Healy – Recovery Innovators Gets BOMBPROOF with New Name and Look

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Hi, this is James I am excited to introduce our official rebrand from Recovery Innovators to Bombproof Recovery.

You have helped us in so many ways to get to where we are today including landing on this new name.

The vision for this podcast and how I want to help people dealing with substance abuse issues has grown and evolved over the last several months and I felt it was time for the brand to reflect this.

Here is a blog post explaining the new vision:

The entire purpose of this show, Bombproof Recovery Radio, my blog and my coaching is to help anyone who is touched by addiction learn and share strategies and stories so that they can turn their challenges and failures into successes.

And, find freedom from everything that’s keeping them from living the life they deserve.

It’s estimated that 53 million American’s are touched by addiction. It is rare if you have not been personally affected by this disease.

So, even if you are not the addict, maybe it’s your son or daughter, or Mom or Dad, or sister, brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, co-worker, boss, neighbor, whoever. This disease is impacting you somehow, making your life a little less than what you would like it to be if you could wave a magic wand and create your dream world.

I also want Bombproof Recovery to be a learning tool for professionals in the recovery field, a place where ideas can be nurtured and spread, where networking and education can help addiction treatment become more effective all the time.

And I want these cutting edge ideas to be available to those who need help, those who often cannot afford to access the professional help they need.

My mission here is to do so much good for the recovery community that I have a positive effect on addiction. I want to help hundreds, if not thousands of addicts and substance abuse sufferers (maybe millions someday) to be healthy, sober and free, really enjoying their life in sobriety.

But, to be honest, if I can help even one person survive, thrive and live a better life longer, then I have succeeded.

So on this show, I interview innovative experts in the recovery industry and others with valuable experiences so we can hear from them directly what is working today for addicts in recovery, for their families, their friends and for other experts too.

Who am I? And why do I want to do this?

Again, my name is James Healy and I’m just a guy with a beautiful wife and son and dog, I like skiing and mountain biking, I like camping and climbing mountains, I like photography and sewing and woodworking,

But I’m also an alcoholic and drug user in long-term recovery…

I was going to go into my whole sordid story of my bottom here, but I think I’m going to spare you that.

Just know that it sucked balls and I am lucky to be alive. There’s more about my story on my “About” page if you really need to know…

I am so grateful I somehow found a path to follow to a life I love, helping others also find their path.

Where does Bombproof come in?

For many years I was a mountain guide and outdoor educator and we often taught our students and clients how to be “bombproof” in camp.

Your tent and gear, your pack, your “kitchen” where you cooked are always put away, neat, tidy and “bombproof,” especially if you were out and about.

Shit, even if you were 100 feet away.

Why? You don’t want to hold up the show when the wind picks up because you have to run back to your tarp to put your crap away. Bad form.

A “Bombproof” Camp in WInter

We often graded students on their ability to be consistently bombproof.

If your stuff was all left out to dry and you were off hiking when a storm rolled in, the consequences of a wet sleeping bag or socks that blew away could be huge when you are a 4-day trek from the trailhead.

Plus, you just failed Bombproof 101.

Or, if you didn’t bombproof your food and a critter came and snacked your vittles, you were going to be very hungry and that would suck big time.

Another time we talk non-stop about “bombproof” with climbing anchors.

They to be bombproof, they cannot fail or you might plunge to your death when you need them to be solid.

This is failing Bombproof 401, upper-level shit.

Building anchors is an art and skill that takes experience.

If possible you don’t create an anchor from just one piece of protection, more is better.

That way you can equalize the forces onto several places and the possibility of even one of them blowing out would be lessened.

So, I used this analogy and incorporated several pieces of “protection” into my personal recovery plan, my Recovery Anchor so to speak.

These pieces of “pro” ease the forces of addiction onto any one area, eliminating a blowout and subsequent plunge of doom.

Pieces like a community, health and nutrition, the support of friends and family, a mentor and guide, spirituality, and more.

Also, I have continued to focus on the importance of keeping my life “bombproof” which has kept the chances of a “storm” causing major disruption drastically reduced.

It’s been a challenge along the way, a whole bunch of different challenges, there’s no denying that, but I figure nothing of value really comes easily.

I feel healthy, alive and energetic again.

I really enjoy my work, feel valued and appreciated and am excited to do the best I can every day.

My family and friends are proud of me too and glad I am ‘back’ – my wife used to say that when I was deep into my drinking, “I just want the old James back…”

And, speaking of my wife. Our relationship is the best it has ever been. It has definitely been tested and is not without it’s own challenges.

And my son is an amazing guy who I am so proud of and so happy to be there for. I love him so much and love sharing every moment I can with him. That giggle, I tell you…

And I guess that’s the most important thing I have now, that love. Love for my family and friends, love for my life, love for myself.

Also, I feel loved, which is totally awesome and makes it all worthwhile.

So thank YOU audience for joining me for this great opportunity to talk with others who have awesome experiences surrounding addiction recovery strategies that REALLY work in today’s world.

Again, I’m James Healy and thanks for listening to me ramble and to Bombproof Recovery Radio.

I hope what you hear here helps you or a loved one to build a BOMBPROOF RECOVERY ANCHOR, feel better and live longer.

I’d like to invite you to check out BombproofRecovery.com today for more great episodes and resources on how YOU and your loved ones can learn successful recovery strategies and overcome your addiction challenges and help others with theirs.

Website: http://BombproofRecovery.com

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