Ep 028: Sal Annunziato – Own Trip, From Darkness Into Light

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Heya people in Recovery-Land, it’s James and welcome back to the show.

Today I’m chatting it up with Sal “Nunz” Annunziato, who is a successful CEO of a software security company, Yoga Instructor, humanitarian, author, and yes, rock and roll musician.

He’s got over 25 years in recovery and he recently dropped his new album, Own Trip.

We talk about how music has always been a savior for Nunz so his new album was a natural progression within his recovery process.

We also delve a little into his crazy family, gangster background. His grandfather was a notorious mobster, his father was drug and alcohol abuser, and Sal was surrounded by some whacky stuff when he was younger.

And, we go deeper into his successful recovery journey, what works for him and what doesn’t.

If anyone knows it’s not all roses, it’s Sal.

Website: http://www.salnunz.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omnunz

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mB8f9zO8ek&feature=youtu.be

Though it’s all about the music, one would be remiss to not bring up the fact that this riveting and heartfelt album is indeed derived from Nunz’ own personal journey. His storied background, which includes being the grandson of notorious Connecticut mobster, Salvatore “Midge Renault” Annunziato, is filled with hardship and tales of addiction, anxiety, and depression. As dramatic and gripping as Nunz’ background is, it is his story of redemption that harnesses the soul and comes through in the melodic and sometimes hypnotic tracks on the album.

“My story is one of coming from darkness to light,” states Nunz. “I was completely hopeless and lost at 28 years old. I was an alcoholic, struggled with addiction, and suffered from anxiety and depression from a turbulent childhood. I know from personal experience what it feels like to be so alone and desperate. It’s not a good place to be. But I joined a 12-step program, started getting into Yoga, and started looking at life differently – and it all became my catharsis. I experienced recovery in every area of my life and realized it was okay to be true to myself and to live a very different life from the destructive one I had led so many years prior.”

The album is varied in its range of style but also stays true to its classic rock and roll roots. Some of the tracks are reminiscent of the late 1960s rock with guitar licks that literally take you back to Woodstock, while other tracks, like the rock ballad, Angels are Near, are wrought with hauntingly beautiful instrumentation.

According to Nunz, “I wanted to make an album that reflected where I’m at in regards to music and life. I wanted the songs to be authentic and filled with feeling and energy. Eric Lichter was my producer, who owns Dirt Floor Studios in Madison, and he was the only person I knew that would understand my life experiences as I retell them through my music. We connected and it was magical! Our collaboration went beyond all expectations that I had!”

Nunz, who is a devoted Yoga instructor, is passionate about bringing people together, no matter, their path, in the journey of life.

He founded the simple but popular Love Tribe: Hearts Open No Matter What red bracelets after ending his yoga sessions with the phrase “Hearts Open No Matter What.” The red wristbands, which initially were made for Nunz’ yoga class, turned into a movement and as of today he has given out close to 40,000 bands in the USA, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, France, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Uganda, Palestine, Israel, Australia, Thailand, Sweden, China, Norway, Bulgaria, Africa, and Germany. In fact, $1 from each album sale will go to funding additional bracelet giveaways across the world.

“Everything I do, whether it’s my music, my Yoga, or my books, is about living authentically and having an open heart towards people,” states Nunz. “We can have great diversity in life while also sharing a common bond. There is so much division in our country but I think it’s time that we shift our focus away from what divides us and toward what we all have in common. We are all on the same journey and we get a lot further when we help one another. My life is a great example of how a human being can overcome the odds and the difficulties. I am here to tell people there is hope!”

Sal (Nunz) Annunziato is a singer/songwriter, yoga teacher, and CEO of a software company in New Haven.

With over 25 years of recovery from addiction, Sal believes that anything is possible when finding the right tools that work for complete healing.

He is Founder of “Love Tribe: Open Hearts No Matter What”, a humanitarian campaign where he distributes a simple red wristband as a reminder that we are all on this journey together! The campaign instills the virtue of peace and compassion – helping people to recognize that we are all on the same journey and that we can help one another to live lives full of self-discovery, diversity, and love.

Own Trip by Sal Nunz is now available to purchase on iTunes and CDBaby.

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