Ep 026: Jessica Williams – A Most Amazing Resource, IRETA | The Institute for Research, Education and Training in Addictions

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Early in my recovery, I struggled to find good resources on the subject. Even the doctor I was seeing at the time was pretty clueless as to how he could help me.

I wish he and I both knew about The Institute for Research, Education, and Training in Addictions, aka IRETA.

On this episode, I check in with Jessica Williams from IRETA and we talk about a mere fraction of their resources and what they do.

At IRETA, Jessica works in their Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment programs.

She has also been volunteering at a local needle exchange for over 5 years and is in long-term recovery herself

First off, IRETA does a lot of training of health & human services and addiction professionals.

And, have super valuable training and information for anyone who wants to be better educated about this important topic.

Their comprehensive toolkits, free webinars and more can help you, your family, your therapist practice or your medical practice create a complete addiction recovery program.

IRETA will consult with you one-on-one and their online library is a valuable resource for anyone dealing with this challenging problem.

Website: http://ireta.org/

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