Weekly "What's Working" Webinar

My Weekly “What’s Working” LIVE Webinar is an interactive session where I will:

  • Walk you through an innovative addiction recovery strategy or a bit of wisdom.
  • Answer questions and offer up suggested plans of action.
  • Share new tools and resources to help you build your Bombproof Recovery Anchor.

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Next Webinar:

How Willpower Works and “Willpower Mastery” Strategies To Help Keep You Sober

Date: Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Time: 9:00 pm EST | 8:00 pm CST | 7:00 pm MST | 6:00 pm PST

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We often feel if we can just rely on our willpower to make the right decisions, we will be okay. However, this rarely works.

Why? I myself said countless times, “This is the last drink I will ever take.” But, hours later was right back at it.

How many of our friends or relatives have asked, “Can’t you just stop? If you want to badly enough?”

On this webinar I will explain:

  • What “Willpower” really is,
  • How it works,
  • What the “Willpower Gap” is, how to narrow it substantially to help you success, and…
  • Why even the strongest of us cannot rely on Willpower alone to keep us sober and on a successful recovery path.
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